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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.  Goals and Objectives

During FY 1984 the Department's principal objectives for this program were:
o  To improve and expand the outreach capacity of the program;
o  To disseminate information on effective practices;
o  To improve service delivery to program participants;
o  To study ways of reducing adult illiteracy.

B.  Progress and Accomplishments:

o  State educational agencies are using a broad array of agencies to
improve and expand the outreach capacity of the program. Fiscal year
1981 reports from the States indicated an average of 635 agencies,
organizations, and institutions per State were used to provide adult
education and support services. Business and industry led as pro-
viders of services, followed by churches, LEAs, and voluntary agencies.
Support services include transportation for participants and child
care, with churches being the most common provider of these two services,

o The Clearinghouse on Adult Education has as one of its main functions
the dissemination of information on effective practices. Six adult
education projects have been approved by the Joint Dissemination
Review Panel through 1984 for their replicability and positive impact
on participants.

Networks have been established in support of competency-based adult
education, adult secondary education, English as a second language,
education for adults with disabilities, and defense-related adult

o  The delivery of adult education services has changed through the

provision of support services, flexible scheduling, convenient loca-
tions for classes, and use of instructional materials and metho-
dologies more appropriate to adult education.

o  A small-scale study has been started: (a) to identify educational
needs of adults, (b) to obtain baseline data in response to the
Secretary's adult literacy initiative, and (c) to assess the service
delivery system of the program to meet specific target populations.ten percent of its grant for special projects and teacher training*